Retractable Dog Leash with Dog Waste Bag Dispenser and Bowl 3m/5m

Color: Blue 1
Size: 3M
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1.RETRACTABLE CUSTOMIZATION- These small, medium-sized dog leashes provides better pet control, 
have retractable ropes to help you better keep your pet's distance and reduce tension. And control the heel and walking skills.
2.SMOOTH, ERGONOMIC GRIP- Each pet leash handle is crafted with a heavy-duty casing that holds the 
tear-resistant nylon leash firmly to support dog training and running.
3.Quick Lock And Unlock Feature - Easy Roll-On and Roll-Off with your thumb thanks to a smart locking thumb button!
4.Included a FREE bone-shaped dog waste bag dispenser and 1 roll of plastic waste bags with every heavy duty retractable leash. The waste bag dispenser conveniently clips onto the handle of the retractable pet leash to free up your hands and let you really enjoy that walk.
Item Type: Dog Leashes
Material: Nylon
Pattern: Solid Color
3M is suitable for puppy weight up to 8 kg 
5M is suitable for puppy weight up to 14kg 
Dog Bowl :13*9*5cm    Dog Poop Bag Dispenser:8*4cm     Poop Bag:29*22cm

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