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Sitting for long time periods allows gravity to compress and break your body down - which causes lower back and tailbone injury over time.

If you spend long hours a day in a seated position, whether you work from home, or driving a car, or wheelchair, this Gel Enhances Seat Cushion is your Lifesaver.


Reasons Why This Cushion Is a LifeSaver:

  • Improve Your Quality of Life: For someone with a lower back injury, this cushion finally gives you the relief you had been searching for. It let you sit conveniently all-day long, whether for Work from home on your computer, long hours of driving. Say hello to a productivity boost!
  • Orthopedic Recommended: Designed with the unique u-shaped and contoured surface to remove pressure from the coccyx and ensure the tailbone hovers over the surface of the seat to help alleviate sciatica and lower back pain.

  • Memory Foam with Enhanced Gel to ensure comfort and help relieve tailbone, back, and sciatica pain. Layered over is padding of cooling gel to maintain coolness and comfort.

  • Versatile and Portable: Complete with Side-Handle for easy-carry, this cushion is designed to maintain comfort in all of your activities. ideal for office chair, wheelchair, car seat, long flights, travel or long commutes, seated jobs, sports bleachers, trucks and RVs, recliners, movie theaters, and many more!


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