Portable Pet Dog Leash Nylon Extending

Color: Green
Size: 3M
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1. Telescopic design, the belt can stretch and retract itself.
2. Give your dog a good range and freedom of movement.
3. One-touch control button, relax and tighten the rope, easy and convenient


  • 3 m suitable for puppies weighing up to 8 kg
  • This leash is perfect for small and medium pets.
  • One-handed braking and locking system prevents pets from moving forward.
  • The handle parts are made of tpe and pp environmentally friendly materials and will not cause allergies to pets or human skin.
  • Material: ABS + nylon
  • Large handle, easy to grip even with gloves or gloves.
  • Soft grip
  • Size: 1 cm wide, 5 m long, 3 m / 118.11 inches
  • 5 m suitable for puppies weighing up to 14 kg
  • Electrophoretic paint hook, nickel-plated hook, environmental protection, strong
  • Retractable design, the belt can stretch itself and pull back.

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